Unable to restore from Executable!

So here is my problem:

I started out with Comodo v.3.xxx (can’t remember precisely the version, but it wasn’t 4.0) on Windows XP 32 bit. I used the software to backup ~250 GB worth of data that I had acquired over the last 4-5 years. The backup worked overnight, and completed fine. No errors or omissions. The executable ran fine, I tested it before I shut down my system.

I chose the .exe format because I thought it would be the most portable between systems.

So I shut down and proceed to completely gut the system. I install new hard drives, new memory, new Graphics card, and new Windows 7 x64 bit. Now I get everything back up and running to discover that the .exe that I backed up MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. on is not working. Every time I try to launch it says the following:

“F:\backup_full_files.exe is not a valid Win32 application”

If I try to open the .exe in COMODO backup v.3.0 or v.4.0 it asks for a password that I NEVER set. So now I’m stuck! I can’t get access to my data either way I go! What gives? How am I supposed to restore my data? This is VERY frustrating and reflects poorly on what I had previously assumed was a top-notch product. I mean seriously, such a nice design and interface and now it does this? My whole LIFE is in that data, and I HAVE to get it back.

Hope my answer on this topic helps.


Unfortunately the piece that is missing from your post is WHAT size I’m supposed to split at. How can I tell what version of Comodo backup I used to make the EXE?

I know it was before version 4.0, but I don’t know what specific version of 3.0 it was. Are the EXE sizes all different for version 3.0? Will I ruin my backup data if I split the file incorrectly? Please provide some clarification so I can try your method of recovery. Thanks!

If you don’t remember the version please split it to 10MB and then send the first piece (smaller) to me by email and I will determine the exact size where to split.


No. Splitting will create a copy of the original file, it will not overwrite it or delete it.


Emmanuel -

Thank you for your response and your help. I have emailed you the file you requested for the 10 mb split. I hope you can tell me where exactly I need to split it, and/or what exact version of COMODO I was using. I look forward to your result.

It took me a long time to get this done because my backup file is about 275 GB and I did not have enough space - I had to actually buy a 1 TB hard drive to get it to decompress right. Do you think I will be able to restore all my files after this operation? Let me know!

Yes, you will be able to restore, but I haven’t received the email.
When was it sent?


Emmanuel -

I sent them email on 11/8/2011, but it came back to me saying that I could not send because of the Klez virus? I have thoroughly scanned my system and I have no virus. Is it because I changed the filename from .exe to .old so that it would send? If I send it through email, I cannot attach a .exe because it is a security risk. How else can I get this file to you? email does not seem to be working.

  • WaywardPatriot

Upload it to www.ccloud.com, share the file then send me the download link


Dear Emmanuel -

Here is the link as requested:



Please split at 3118080 bytes