Unable To Resolve Update Problem

I’ve been unable to determine how it’s best to post my current problem, whether as a “reply” to a similar post or as a new post. So I am trying here, just in case.

I installed Comodo’s Firewall Pro (version 5/16/08 on a Windows XP Pro SP2 desktop, and, a few days later on a laptop with the same system. This followed a complete (including registry check) uninstall of my previous Kerio firewall . - Yesterday and today, I’ve received Error 109 messages when I tried to manually update the Firewall. There was no apparent internet or browser problem on either machine. I set my IE security level to medium low, but this did not resolve the problem. - A solution for this problem would be most welcome!

I’ve gotten Error 109’s before, and then had things working later with no changes on my side of the update process. I’m not sure what a 109 means, but from my experience I take it to mean that the Comodo update server is busy or other otherwise not available, and try again later.