unable to request free secure email certificate


i want to test the free secure email certificate (whether it works with gnupg under linux because verisign does not) but i always receive an error after entering my details.
firefox only says “an error occurred” and internet explorer throws a HTTP 400 bad request error message.

steps to reproduce:
=> click “get if free now”
=> enter certificate emails, country Austria, uncheck newsletter => click “agree & continue”
=> HTTP 400 error in IE or just simply “an error occurred” in firefox 3.5.x

is this a known problem? i couldn’t find any other posts where someone is complaining about not being able to retrieve the cert.


Can you please submit the ticket in the following link

i didn’t submit a ticket. it seems that my load balancer changes my ip address during the session and then it doesn’t work. i can apply for a certificate on another connection though.


If you having a problem in submitting the ticket, then please send a mail to support [at] comodo [.] com