Unable to 'reopen' miranda


After cutting and pasting a bit of text from a miranda IM textbox to an Open Office text document, I was given an alert by Comodo. I think it said that Open Office was somehow trying to open miranda IM (even though miranda IM was already open). I chose ‘deny’, thinking it would deny that one instance, or for that one time. Silly me.

Immediately, miranda IM disconnected.

I looked in the Comodo logs and it verified that it had denied access to Miranda. But what confuses and frustrates me is that in the application monitor page, it says that miranda IM has been allowed complete permission.

Can someone tell me how to get access to miranda IM back again? Is there a way to go back and correct the ‘deny’ that started this all?

Thank you.

Have you tried going into Application Monitor and deleting all instances of the Miranda.exe(or whatever it is called) then opening it again. It should ask for permission again.

You can also go into Component Monitor and delete just one Miranda .dll (if you know which ones are related to Miranda) and it should also prompt again.

Hope this helps,