Unable To Reinstall Antivirus/Firewall 64 bit


My OS is Vista home premium 64 bit. I have been using your security package for about a week and loved it up to this point. Today, I received a message that there was an update and it asked if I wanted to download it. I clicked on on ok and it took a really long time. When the download was done, I noticed the file was named “pe.civ” so I did a quick google search on that file name and saw that other peeps were having problems as well, so I decided to uninstall the software rather than reboot and let it take. Tonight when I tried to reinstall, I kept getting an a error message that says, “error 5” and then it backs out. In the FAQ section you give a link to a script/prog that is suppose to completely remove any files or registry keys left over from the uninstall but when I clicked on the link, three advertisement windows popped up. Can ya shed some light on this?

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There are plenty of threads relating to a cleanup tool in the forums.

Maybe you could try using the system restore to revert to before the update? Then download the full install and do a fresh install. Path to the full file:


Hope it helps