Unable to Reboot to CDROM Option

Can anybody please help me with CD-ROM boot problem? I installed CTM a week ago on my Acer 4730Z notebook, but want to remove it now because my start ups takes longer after installing CTM. I am also unable to use CTM, and even uninstall it since I can’t logon to it. too. I recently purchased the recovery disc for my computer but am unable to start up on CD-ROM boot after following the instructions provided in the recovery disc manual. My original OS was Vista and I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium. I just want to restore the system to its original state in order to remove CTM.

Thanks for all the help!

Did you try hitting the “Home” key at boot? This would restore your PC and then you could use CTM’s uninstaller.

The problem is it asks for my username and password which, whenever I logon, it says Invalid Username or Password. I did not create a username assuming Administrator is the default username, just the password, but it keep saying I entered the wrong logon infos.

This may be what you are looking for. I found it in the Rollback RX form. It will likely work with CTM.

[i]Hello again! I found this information when searching the knowledge base on the Horizon DataSys website. I’ve copied and pasted the instructions below.

To recover your RollBack Rx administrator password, please follow these instructions:

  1. Restart your PC, press HOME key when you see the RollBack Rx screen.

  2. You will see a screen asking for your RollBack Rx password. Make the User name field be “Administrator”. Then press Alt+F1 keys at same time. This brings up a message box with something like “Pwd:******x”. This is an encrypted version of your password.

  3. Please create a Support Ticket with this information. Also please include all your own details, so that we can respond quickly.

Of course you will need to contact Comodo not Horizon.