unable to read some text in CPF

hey, I’m having a problem with reading some text inCPF. most of the text is black, however some of the text is white, the default text color in my windows theme. will there be a fix for this, or is there a way I can fix it? I’ve added a file that displays the problem fairly well (large file warning, 2206x1024, 315 kb)

[attachment deleted by admin]

That’s a Windows theme problem, nothing to do with Comodo.

Are you using Win XP? If you like a black & white layout, download “Royal Noir” from here

I am using Windows XP, however I have a dark grey window background (0x1F1F1F) under white text, in a classic theme, which is easier to see in the middle of the night when I’m tired. this doesn’t look like a Windows problem, because none of my other programs have problems with this theme, with the exception of some badly coded websites.