Unable to process :$DEPRIMARY:$DATA


I am using Comodo Backup to backup NTFS disks on a Windows 7 64 pc and gets this message for many files in the log.

Processing new item D:\Filename.txt:$DEPRIMARY:$DATA
Unable to process item.

However, I cannot find any files with this extension and find very little information when I search the net on what this means. Its a lot annoying that the backup program can find something I cannot find myself whatever tool I try to use.

Anyone familiar with $DEPRIMARY:$DATA ?

$DEPRIMARY:$DATA represents a file stream.
NTFS files can have more than one stream. See Wikipedia or Microsoft about this.

Are you using simple copy backup?
If yes, than the destination file system may not support non-default file streams.


Thank you for pointing me to these articles. I really searched a lot before without finding the relevant answer.

The backup disk is esata connected NTFS disk and the backed up files are intact and fully usable, cannot find any errors in them.

But why is Comodo Backup trying to process the file stream itself when copying från one disk to another? Can it not just log that copying the file is ok? Are there any situations when this information is critical?


It depends on the programs which created the file streams.
Usually it’s metadata about the files, so it’s not critical.