Unable to Print- Please Help

Hello, ever since I installed the Comodo antivirus and firewall, my printer suddenly won’t print. My husband was able to figure out that the Comodo software is blocking my printer, but other than that, we are at a loss as to how to fix it. I saw another post about fixing a wireless printer that was doing the same thing, but I didn’t understand the instructions since my printer is not wireless. Can someone please help me? Thank you!!

Welcome to the forum FirealSwords,

Could you please let us know what Operating system you are using, what printer is being used and how does this printer connect. Does it go straight from your computer via a cable (usb, rj45 plug), does it connect into a router to allow more than 1 computer to use it?
Are there any entries in “View Defence+ Events” which look like they could involve the printer software.


Hi, thank you for helping!

I have Windows XP. My printer is a LexMark 1200 Series all-in-one scanner and printer. My printer connects in the back of the computer tower with a USB cable, and it is not in a router. I have no idea how my husband found the event log that said the program was blocking the printer as a virus. It popped up one night when we were trying to reinstall the printer.

Can you ask your husband how and where he found out about the program (I assume CIS?) blocking the printer as a virus? When you are using the CIS with the anti virus you can see if a Lexmark program was put in quarantine. You can find the quarantine under Anitvirus → Quarantined Items. When you see a Lexmark related file Restore it.

In that scenario the AV may pop up again when printing saying it thinks the file is a threat. Choose to ignore it. It is more than likely a false positive

When the AV is not the problem. Then CIS may be blocking a Lexmark program. Can you show us a screenshot of the Defense + logs of around the time you want to print? They can be found under Defense → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

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