Unable to open any application requiring JavaScript since loading CFW

Hi, my system uses windows XP, browser IE7. Since loading CFW, I’ve been having issues using some of the features on my browser, including the print function. I press print and nothing happens. However, the print preview works. Also, when I click on a link that requires javascript (which is enabled) I get a either a blank page or a message that javascript is required. Please help.


Would someone please respond?


Welcome to the forum
What version of the firewall do you use?
I haven’t heard of someone with this problem before…
Can you try to download the latest Java and install it and see if it works?

Thanks for responding. I use v2.3.6 of the firewall and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the current version of Java software with no luck. Seems I have a security problem since I can’t access anything that’s javascript based. Any work arounds known to anyone?