Unable to move Pending Files

When I try to move a file from the Pending files of Proactive Defense, I click on the file I want to move and select Move To and then I then get a notice telling me to select a file before continuing. I thought I had selected the file when I clicked on it. I’ve tried double clicking it but that doesn’t help. Any suggestions?


Welcome. :slight_smile:

Does the small box next to the file you want to select have a checkmark in it when you try to move it?

Thank you. I guess that after many years of clicking on something and having it change color, I assumed that it was selected as others have in the past. This was my first try at making this work and I’m having trouble with some of the ways things are done. I’ll work at it.

So when “checking” the box, it works correctly then?

Yeah. By the way, when I hit the URL that the notification sends me, it takes me to your message but then when I log in to reply, it sends me all the way back to the start of the forums and I have to work my way back. Is there another way that I can just stay with your page and then reply?


You can try staying logged in.

May be there is a problem with the cookie(s) of the forum. Delete them and try again. Does that help?

when I log in, the duration says forever. I don’t know how to find this site’s cookies. I looked at the cookies file in Win Explorer and didn’t see any identifiers. What’s the secret for this? I[m not sure where to find what cookies that I accept.