Unable to manually update

I am using version and am unable to update the firewall manually as I receive the error message: Error 106: Could not complete the update process. I have the settings to update automatically and even when I disable this, I still get the error message. I have administrative rights to the computer and am running Windows XP. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is there a way to manually check to see what the latest version is and to download it via your website?

I’ve had something similar happening to my Firewall aswell. Could be an issue regarding the updating server/service. Perhaps log a support ticket on this one?


The errors 106 etc are connection breakdowns between the server and client.

The server team are working to resolve these type of issues, so please do not raise a support ticket.


Closing this thread Garry, as you pretty much explained what the problem is and that a solution is being implemented. Hope you solve it soon though :slight_smile: