Unable to manage blocked list - window just closes

I think Comodo Antivirus is great, but I have a problem. I have blocked something I need so I am trying to use the Settings, HIPS Application Control but when I press Manage the window appears for a couple of seconds and then closes down. Any ideas how I can fix this and manage my blocked list. I use Windows XP.

Hi stormbringer999

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This is a known problem. Maybe this thread will help you out.

Let us know


I also have this problem.

I looked at the thread …

Hi KillFrenzy

This is a known bug in CAVS and will be fixed in the upcoming version. I’m even surprised you got the screenshot. The only thing that I can suggest is trying to put the files you want unblocked into the exclude list to see if that works. I haven’t tried it myself but I’m thinking it should work. I am not sure where the database is to delete it and start again maybe someone else can let us know.


I have wuauclt blocked in hips and find I need it for MS updates.

In hips/settings/general I select “which items to exclude” and there are no listings.

Any advice where I’m going wrong? ???


jalop. xp home.

Hi jalop

when you go to exclude on the settings, HIPS, general page, go to “New” and do a search for the file you want to exclude. I have wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe both in windows\system 32. If you have them both you may want to exclude them both.

Hope this helps you


Thanks JJasper, sorted. It was the application path I could not pin down. (:CLP)

As regards wuauclt.exe would you advise deleting the following marked files?


Thanks again for your time,

Sorry, i meant these marked files.



Very Sorry, having problems uploading new image (:AGY)

Just not sure which wuauclt files I listed to delete.

Thanks for your patience.