Unable to load Auslogics programs following update

Following the update yesterday - I am unable to run my Auslogics defrag programs, I get a message saying that the application is unable to start as “AxForms10.bpl” was not found. When I disable Comodo Virus Defense it starts OK.

Can anybody help?



Hi dman66

Try putting D+ in training mode and then starting your application. If it still does not start then you may have to reinstall Auslogics defrag. I updated and have Auslogics as well and no problem.


Hi John

Thanks for the suggestion, but it seems to be a problem caused by the Virus Defense element. I’m still unable to run the programs in D+ training mode. I’ll see if reinstalling works.


I have the newest CIS .471 installed, and i have no problem with Auslogic Disk Defrag…

Im running Auslogic on both XP Pro 32-bit and Vista Home Premium 64-bit, and its working
great on both…

CIS is running at “standard” settings…

I’m still having a problem. I have reinstalled Auslogics programs and still get a message that various bpl files are not present. I have to disable Comodo Antivirus security in order to run the programs.

I have added Auslogics as a trusted vendor and applications.

Any help would be really appreciated.



(:NRD)Hi dman66, I too had problems with Advanced system care 3 after a scan picked it up as a virus and i was daft eneough to delete it from quarantine. The programme did not work and i had to re install it. However after a subsequent scan the "false positives " were quarantined again, and i ended up putting the whole file as excluded from further scans, as we are waiting for a fix tomorrow for these problems where Cis is detecting utilities as viruses.You can find exclusions in Scanning, in Cis. Another way is click ignore after a scan if you are sure its a false positive.



The heuristics of CIS picks this as a virus… I hope that the concerned file is not quarantined by CIS… (If CIS is set to ‘automatically quarantine’ CIS may have quarantined it) you may please check it that file in CIS>Antivirus>Quarantined items. If it is there… restore it.

Do the following :

Open CIS>Antivirus>Scanner Settings>untick - automatically quarantine feature
(You can also disable heuristics in the same window)

Run Auslogics defrag

This should solve the problem.

(In case if you did not disable heuristics you will get an alert when defrag is run… add the file to exclusion list)