Unable to install update def

Hi, since yesterday, even if

the log says:

thanks for verifying.

Please read here


and here


Thank you


Hi, thanks.
ok now.
#22973 definitions.

There was a 1KB file. I deleted the whole folder as you suggested.
Relaunch the update.
Newer cav file (without 1KB).
After the update was complete the content of the folder disappeared, i.e. folder empty.
No logs. I guess all is fine now.
Have I to do this task for future updates or this was only an exception?

Hopefully never :slight_smile:

There have been problems with all downloads over the last 5 days so this may have caused the corrupt 1kb database.

Maybe check About for now.

I hope they sort this problem out quickly, Staff notified.


Edit The link for logs only appears if a problem is detected during virus database update.

Edit If you do a Program update there is a link to logs always which is non clickable grey, unless a program update actually happens.

I warmly thank you Dennis for your help, much appreciated.

I am so curious as to the why about certain members seeing this happening. I update manually each day when I first turn on my computer. Never experienced this issue. I even physically checked the above mentioned folder. Empty. Would this be due in part to some Windows setting or another application running interference? Maybe a HDD issue?
The Devs need to look into this, and please, report back so everyone will know.

You just happen to be lucky not to download a corrupt 0kb file.

Or it could be confined to one particular server, it’s really for Comodo to find out why.

All I know it is not any particular one virus database file if you check the other topic we where not stuck at one particular stage of updates.


Since the OP has fixed the issue i will now move this to resolved. Thanks for the help Dennis and John :-TU

Thanks again

The same problem arised just now.

since 2 hours