unable to install registry cleaner

I have windows XP running 32 bit. I downloaded Comodo’s registry cleaner CSC_Setup_1.0.60093.19_2k_xp_vista_server2003_x32 and attempted to install.

During the install step it stops at the file Windows/System32/cnat.exe with the message
“An error occurred while trying to rename a file in destination directory;”
“MoveFile failed; code 32. The process cannot be used because it is being used by another process.”

Do you have suggestions how to work through this to finish the install?

Note: I am running Comodo internet security (includes firewall and antivirus)

I managed to solve the problem myself. The key issues were a) I was running Comodo internet security and b) I forgot to mention that I was running a virus scan (because I just reinstalled it because of program conflicts).

I turned off Comodo internet security (after turning off my wireless to avoid intrusions) and the installation was able to start and finish as normal.

I’m sorry: I thought Comodo products would be intra-compatible while running.

They really should be, I can’t see why this would happen. ??? Never heard of it before.

Anyway I’m glad you solved it.


Please post this bug on Comodo Internet Security bug section. Thank you for your support. Bye!