Unable to Install - Crashes Windows, will not run properly :(

With much anticipation I installed the Comodo Firewall. I let it scan for malware, I restarted my system (XP) as instructed. However, when I type in my Windows password after the restart, the system hangs there indefinitely. I have to restart in Safe Mode (load last known good settings) to get Windows to start.

Once started this way, Comodo goes about “initializing” itself – then tells me the initialization failed.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice, tried every trick I know, to no avail. I’m very disappointed I can’t get the Firewall to run. I’m going to revert back to Zone Alarm, which never gave me any trouble.

Good luck to you.

Very sorry to hear you had a bad first experience with CFP.

Did you use the special removal tool for ZA prior to installing CFP? If there were any remnants of ZA left on your system, they may have interfered with a clean installation of CFP.

If you change your mind, let us know. We’re here to help you.

No I think I know what happened. When you did the malware scan did it find anything? Like winlogin? If you delete and removed that then that is the source of your problem. Its a false positive on Comodo’s part. But you should never remove any malware a scanner finds unless you know its bad. Zone Alarm free is no better then Windows Firewall and cannot protect you like Comodo can.

I think it’s “winlogon.exe”. My system got infected with a Trojan masquerading under that name about six months ago.

Either way, deleting the legitimate “winlogon.exe” file based on a simple malware scan is sure to ruin your day. Comodo needs to fix that false positive ASAP. It’s inexcusable that their scanner doesn’t recognize a signed Windows system file.

Yes true there are several posts about this.