Unable to Install CIS or Personal Firewall

Hi all,

I have always used Comodo products for years and never had a problem until now. I have recently upgraded to windows 7 home premium 64 bit (patched to today’s date), machine specs are dual core 2.6GHz, 4Gb RAM. I have followed all the articles i have found on how to install / uninstall cis and personal firewall and have been testing with the latest versions available to downloads on the website.

My problem is this.

Install is fine however cfp.exe remains at 88k in the task manager and prevents the system from booting up. As suggested in a previous post i have used CC cleaner to disable cfp.exe at startup but the problem still exists. I then changed the cmdagent service to manual rather than automatic. The machine started up fine, however when i started the service the machine hung. What I have also noticed is that when i uninstall cis or personal firewall as the uninstall progresses the software seems to start up.

During all installs / uninstalls all windows security software was disabled, there is no other security software installed on the machine and cis or personal firewall were installed separately, they were never installed at the same time.

Any advice / help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks


Have you already tried the methods I discuss here.

If my advice doesn’t help then you can also read through the following posts to see if any of their suggestions are helpful.

thanks I’ll give this a go and will keep you posted.