Unable to install CIS 10 Free on XP

Unable to install CIS on XP

I had had an earlier version of CIS which wanted to upgrade - this failed & gave me a dll error on PC restart. Wouldn’t uninstall cleanly used the uninstall tool.

Followed link from this topic

Downloaded this version but install gets to approx 40% & throws out error 1603.

Cannot get past this…
Any ideas?

https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/solved-unable-to-install-cis-10-free-on-xp-t119086.0.html the same exact topic name. Anyways you need to download the offline installer because XP does not support newer TLS protocols which the installer and updater uses to retrieve from comodo servers.

The post you (& I) referred to is locked so I couldn’t post about the problem there.
So yes I used the same name.

I downloaded a >70mb file. Don’t see an offline installer @ Antivirus for Windows 10 | Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10.

Is that linked to elsewhere?

The 70MB file is the offline installer. Are you saying after running the 70MB installer it still fails with error 1603? Run the removal tool and reboot when finished then run this and reboot then try running the installer again.

Sorry I thought you were experiencing the same issue as the other thread but this error code is usually a registry permission issue.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes the 70mb file fails with error 1603
I have run the removal tool -cis 0.3b, & COMODO Removal Tool 2014 - Mods version. Rebooted & retried after each one.

BTW That linked to file @ MS says W7 + not XP. Am looking for an XP version.

This is a microsoft utility but is different than the one I linked earlier Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 7.2 Download | TechSpot

I found an old version 5 installer which has f-i-n-a-l-l-y installed.
I hope that means I will be able to upgrade, but better than nothing til I have more time.