unable to get new ip address when cfw is running

when my internet disconnects and if cfw is running, i am unable to repair the connection in order to get a new ip address. i’ve read the faq’s and i think i found the answer which is to add a new trusted internet connection, but i’m uncertain if adding the whole range is safe. i’ve moved onto my school’s internet so is it safe to add the whole range from x.x.x.0 - x.x.x.225? also is this the solution?

If you are in a network you should make a trusted zone.
Do you have an internal static IP?
Then you can narrow it down.

You shouldn’t have to create a trusted zone/network unless you’re sharing files/drives/printer over that network. I take my laptop from work to home and back again, and never have a problem reconnecting. And I do not define a zone or network in either place. Both are LANs, working behind a router. At work, others are on a true mapped network with drive & printer sharing. Make sure you haven’t blocked svchost.exe, as that is responsible for your DNS updates.

If, on the other hand, you do need to access shared resources on your school’s network (ie, drives, printers, etc), then you will to create a zone; you may also need to define it as a trusted network.

If you’re not sharing or accessing shared resources, and svchost.exe isn’t blocked, you may need to go to Security/Advanced/Application Behavior Analysis, and uncheck the box, “Monitor DNS Queries” to see if that resolves it.


well cfw is doing something that doesn’t allow the the internet to refresh or something if it disconnects. i’ll get no connectivity with my computer and the internet. until i exit cfw will the internet not refresh.

i will try that. the problem occurred again after i added the “trusted zone” so that didn’t solve my problem.

Make an application rule like this, just to try if it works.

Application : C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe
Parent : C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe

Action : allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In/Out

Destination IP : Any

Destination Port : Any


Restart the firewall.

problem resolved by unchecking “Monitor DNS Queries”. :BNC