Unable to get KeePass autofill function to work after reinstalling COMODO

I seem to be unable to get the KeePass autofill function to work with COMODO now after I reinstalled the software. For some reason, even if I add the software to the Defense+ trusted apps list, the software is still blocked from accessing the keyboard and accessing memory. To make things even more confusing is that COMODO will still prevnet the program from doing any of these things whether Defense+ is in learning mode or disabled altogether. Is there some setting somewhere that overrides the Trusted Software list?

One other odd behavior is that the first time I ran KeePass after the software was reinstalled, COMODO never asked me whether or not to trust the program even when I tried to use the autofill function. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but it’s a bit frustrating…

I seemed to have fixed this issue as well by adding the program launcher application (Fast Launcher) to the Operating System trusted list since KeePass was showing up as an application underneath Fast Launcher since Fast Launcher was the program that executed the software. Still, the odd thing here is that COMODO never asked me how to treat Fast Launcher when I would send the command to execute an application. Even more odd is that fact that the program was allowed to do so even though the program had no existing policy in Defense+. Oh well…at least the issue seems to be fixed for now.