Unable to get additonal certificates for multiple email accounts in Outlook 2007


I downloaded and installed my first certificate without any problems, but since I know I need one for each email account I use I went back today to try to get another for my 2nd email account (I have 4 I want to use them on…personal not business). I am running MS Vista Home Premium 32-bit, IE8, Firefox3, and Outlook 2007. When I go to your site and click the DOWNLOAD button for another certificate, and choose RUN rather than SAVE, it comes up and asks me if I want to REPAIR or UNINSTALL my current certificate but does not give me an option for ADDING an additional one to m pc. I looked all over your knowledge base and forums but could not find quite the same issue anywhere. HELP!!

Frustrated in Oreogn

If you’re using SecureEmail product,
why you don’t use SecureEmail Certificate Sign Up Wizard ?

Val3ntin’s suggestion is what I have done. I have two email accounts I use with Outlook. Both have certificates.