Unable to find the proxy server

Hi All,

I am a new user. So please excuse me if I have repeated the post. However I could not find a fix for the problem is really frustrating. Final option will be to remove the Icedragon and use alternative Firefox.


The Icedragon does not connect to proxy server.

I took my work laptop to work from home this weekend. Because our company has defined proxy I had changed it from IE to use it at home and I have restored all the settings upon return. However Icedragon does not connect to internet. I have tried all basic troubleshotting steps. I classify myself as a moderate user so I am aware about networking and proxy errors.
Has any one come across with the same problem before?
Please help to resolve the matter.

Version Icedragon 14
System Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel Dual T2390 with 2 gb RAM.

Find the screenshot of the error attached.

Thank you in advance.

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Does the issue occur at home or at your office? Does the error occur only in Comodo IceDragon?

If the problem is located in IceDragon only it might be caused by the Comodo Secure DNS.
Try to disable Comodo Secure DNS by going to Options>Advanced, unchecking the “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)” and restarting IceDragon.


Hi George,

Thank you. I did not have patients to wait to go back to home and check and I have removed it from the system as it is my work computer.

Yes it does occur only in Comodo Icedragon.
I did try by changing Secure DNS settings but it did not help to resolve it. I would love to reinstall it if the problem can be resolved.

Thank you once again.

Try: Tools/Options/Advanced/Network/Settings. Select “Use system proxy settings”.

That essentially tells Firefox (or CID in this case) to use the same network connection as MSIE. It certainly beats the old days when FF required proxy-toggling extensions in order to work with some security programs.

Hi Neil,

I have tried this option including firewall settings and anti-virus. Although everything was fine but it did not load a page with the notification to proxy error unable to connect.

I have also consulted our IT department and they tried with all various approach even they could not identify the problem.