unable to enter url in address/search bar

I am unable to enter any url’s in the address bar.

anything I type in there just does a google search.

I thought it may have been the speed dial thing I installed, but I made the hope page the default and it still doesn’t let me enter a url.

love the browser but this is a deal breaker if I can only search then this browser is useless to me.



Can you tell us when this issue began to manifest?
What extensions do you have installed?

Thank you.

Hi, yes it manifested about 3-4 weeks ago, I don’t use icedragon on a regular basis as I am still learning its ins and outs.

The only extensions I have installed are

Adblock plus 2.2.1

thanks for the quick reply.

anyone able to help me out with this, still same issue. may just try a reinstall.

Can you post a screenshot of the Options/Privacy tab please.

Hi guys,
Not forgetting the question from Radaghast.

You could also install the portable version to see if it behaves as expected/intended, this would eliminate any possible corruption in CIDs user profile.
Run the installer and in step 2 here select portable version.
Note: This will not effect your installed version.