Unable to download the signature

I had some freeware that I wanted to get rid of, so I put back the partition-C image that I had (Windows 7-64 bits) – the image is from July 31, 2014. I had a lot of updates to do, including Comodo Internet Security. I was able to do the downloads except for a 260,66 mb signature file. It always gives error. Now I am trying to download the 261 mb file named bases.cav from Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022. No luck so far, they drop me often, sometimes I get 10 mb, or 40 mb and one time I could reach 173 mb of that 261 mb file. If a miracle happens and I can download the whole file, where I put it? On the folder c:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Scanners, I see 2 .cav files: one 9 mb file named bases.cav from october 10,2013. The only one file from 2014 is a 236 mb file named b0019039.cav from july 31, 2014. Should I rename the downloaded bases.cav to b0019039.cav and overwrite the file? Thanks for any advice. I am stuck.

You can import the downloaded database from the CIS interface. Go to the question mark in the upper right corner and click on it and choose About. In the About screen click on the Import Virus Database and navigate to the folder where you saved the av update file.

Ok, I clicked on that link and it opened the folder C:\Program Files (X86)\Mozila Thunderbird - it lists a lot of files, but I do now?

I also tried several times to download that database, the maximum I could go was 120 mb

You need to navigate to the folder where you downloaded the av update file from.

But the problem for now is to get you a download first.

Are there other people from the USA who have problems downloading? I downloaded it without a glitch from West Europe.

Yea, downloading from USA. My IP is very slow - no way I will ever be able to download. You say West Europe? I will try with VPN simulating a West Europe country, maybe this works, who knows?

It is not my internet provider dumping me, it is Comodo. When I begin to download, it tells me will take 1 hour 47 minutes to download. I tried again to update through CIS - see attached file for the error

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