Unable to download/install update

I currently have Comodo Dragon portable version installed and every time I open the browser there is a banner at the top of the screen that says “A new version of Comodo Dragon is available” and there is the option to Download or to Skip. I tried to download several times and after reaching 100% downloaded I get an error message that says this download is not properly signed, and nothing is downloaded or installed. Is there a work around for this, maybe a link where I can manually download the update?

Hi psylock,
It sounds to me as if the download for the update has a glitch causing file corruption.
Dragons home page is downloading V29.1.
Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Kind regards.


Have you made any changes (or have an application that makes changes) to the certificates installed on your computer?


Captainsticks: I was able to manually install the updates browser version, thank you.

Silviu Blendia: I do not know if I have any applications that make changes to certificated installed on my computer, I don’t think I do.

You are welcome, let us hope the next update is smoother process for you. :slight_smile: