Unable to Download from Comodo.com


I have been a long time Comodo FW/D+ user.

I’ve been having issues with my Firewall where it’s giving me bluescreens at restart.
It’s caused by CMDagent.

It’s probably becuase I keep upgrading it instead of clean installs so I decided to Download the new version straight from your web page.

I select Firewall, and then 64bit.

My browser goes to this link:


And gives me a 404 Error.

No firewall for me :frowning:

Any Ideas?


Sorry for double post.

After scratching around on the Comodo site I got to this link.

This one works, but it’s the 32/64 and I wanted 64bit.

Will this make any difference?


I’m not sure about the first URL you posted… or where that extra stuff came from. But, if I strip the obvious first bit out that seems to work just fine for me…


… on what page on Comodo’s site did you encounter this URL? Also, which browser are you using?

I could not try, or look at, the second URL you provided, since it’s a follow on page from the download already being served and there’s no way to get back to where you started from.

Hi Kail,

The URL’s you saw are from when the download was already (or attempted to be) started.

When I clicked on your link it works perfectly. :embarassed:

Maybe I was just being an idiot.

Thanks for your assistance and sorry for wasting your time.

No problem. My link was yours really (the first one you posted), I just removed the stuff from the end.

Anyway, if you’re happy… then so am I. :slight_smile: