Unable To Download Comodo

I uninstalled and attempted to reinstall Comodo after some bizarre activity. Three times I attempted to download the program, got the complete program, and when it was completed it was zero bytes. What’s going on? Do I need to buy the program in order to reinstall it now? If so, how?

Weird-it just now released as I downloaded another program.

It’s installed but now it says virus data base won’t update check internet connection which is fine so I don’t know what’s going on.

Hi Rodney,

Can you be more descriptive.

Please provide information about your System Environment and tell developers about “bizarre activity” in more details

What version of Comode exposed such “activities” in the 1st place?
What components of Comodo were installed previously?
Were you attempting to install full Package or, say just AV or just the Firewall?

Please include information about security you were using before Comodo installation.
In many cases improper / incomplete uninstallation of previously installed Firewall(s) /AVs, and their leftovers may cause conflicts

You have to deal with special Clean-up procedures of those prior to Comodo fresh install.
Even Comodo’s previous versions can cause similar problem… it depends on what version you had before, since many issues were fixed already,… but developers need to know those details as well.

Sometimes downloads can be broken/corrupt
Are you experiencing any difficulties with other downloads or just this one in particular?

No, Comodo CIS is completely free.

You may purchase Pro version – the only difference is – Live Support for cleaning your PC and solving other problems having direct contact with Support…
Otherwise it is the same product without any restrictions

Again, please be more specific.

What “another program?”

The links for downloading latest Setup are here:

Can you post the screen image of the message?
So the developers can see that it is Comodo’s message but not some “another program” ’s Alert

My regards