Unable to disable protection modules

Hi there,
I’m running the latest Comodo Internet Security on Windows 10 Pro but am currently unable to disable any of the protection modules.

I’ve tried both disabling the modules from the CIS interface itself by clicking on the “Active” button and toggling the modules. I’ve also tried doing the same thing via the icon in the taskbar but all of the features remain enabled.

It seems that the modules remain in a disabled state on the interface but on the taskbar icon they permanently show enabled even though they were never turned off in the first place.

This seems like a bug to me as I am trying to disable Antivirus Protection to test out some software I know is safe.

Version did not fully support windows 10. There was a new version released to fully support windows 10. You can download it here:


If you are still experiencing this bug with the latest release respond in this topic and we can continue processing this bug.