Unable to detect patch .exe as malware

CIS unable to detect it as malware and I had submitted it to comodo for analysis. However, it seems like Comodo still cannot detect it as malware.

The link below is the result of scanning this exe. file as malware from virustotal:


Hello dannyyap2006,

Thank you for your submission. Detection for the submitted file will be available in the next few updates.

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My recommendation is that you download avast free version, install it and disable comodo’s AV realtime scanner/protection. Add Immunet.

I use this combo (CIS+Avast and Immunet) for instance and everything is working great.


For me Comodo-AV works better than Avast! :wink:

I have tested both av against a lot of malware and Comodo-AV did better. Maybe not for u!

I had tried MSE, Avast, Avira, Norton, Panda Cloud, Mcafee and CIS. However, only 3 antivirus software are the best which are MSE, Avast and CIS…For me, Avira is like over-claimed by Av-comparative, its detection rate is not as good as MSE and Avast. And now I am using CIS because I want to try it and believe in it will be getting better and better since it is improving rapidly. Although sometimes CIS will have some false positive, it is still new and I should give a chance to it.

Anyway, thanks for the sharing.

Patch.exe was not detected by CAV but how did CIS reacted to it. I mean was it Autosandboxed by CIS with few popups / no popups?? or you got Unlimited Rights popup?? or any D+ popup mentioning Suspicious Malware Behaviour??


Erm…I didn’t try to click on it because I was too worry about it might be a malware and may infect my system at that time. However, after I have seen your comment, I try to click on it and it has been successfully identified by Comodo as unsafe application and got a pop-up of the application is autosandboxed by CIS.

Thank you very much…

Hello FlorinG

Now my CIS can detect that exe file as malware…Thanks for adding it into the virus signature database quickly.