Unable to Delete "Safe Space" Folders Following Uninstall

I’ve been testing out some “sandbox” types programs, one of which was Safe Space. I tried it, but thought that Sandboxie did a better job, and was much easier to work with. After uninstalling Safe Space, I saw that the folders it created (reference tag above) could not be deleted. These folders are taking up more than 66-MB of disk space. It appears that the space is reserved, rather than actually used. I don’t show any files within the tree structure of the folders.

I tried Unlocker, however, it was not able to help. It identifies Explorer as having control over the folders, says it’s removed the lock, however, I’m unable to delete. I also indicated in Unlocker I wanted to delete, then unlock all. No luck.

Any thoughts on how I can remove this item from my drive?

Thanks. -SA Jack

Try to boot in safe mode and do it.