unable to delete comodo quarantine folder

hey ,guys i am unable to delete Comodo Internet Security Quarantine folder path [F:\comodo\COMODO Internet Security]

i have cleared the registry but unable to delete this folder and even i cannot delete it using tune up shreder and unlocker no process is running related to comodo in background norany services being active

when trying to delete that Quarantine folder it shows Access Denied …
I searched the registry for the keys and even run the batch file given on this forum but still unable to delete …

pls help

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Why are you trying to delete this folder? When COMODO AV detects something, this is where files are stored so they can’t do any harm to your PC. That’s why the folder is strictly off limits to the user(s). Are you using the AV in CIS? Even if you’re not, I recommend just leaving the folder. You might corrupt the CIS installation.
Or are you uninstalling CIS?

When you are cleaning up after uninstalling and on XP you can use this clean up script: Comodo Forum . Reboot afterwards and try again.