Unable to DCC send using mIRC

When I want to send a file via DCC, it just stuck right there. When I “Allow All” CPF, its working fine.
Do anyone got problem with this? Or just me?

Windows XP SP2
mIRC 6.17

Try adding the dcc ports u use in mirc (some of them, not all), to windows firewall under the lan or whatever connection u use, under the advanced tab.

When you go to control panel / windows firewall.

I’ve found out, that it doesnt matter what firewall u use (apart from SP2’s), and whether XP SP2’s firewall is off or on. You still have to add whatever dcc ports u use in Mirc to it.

Like this.

Advanced tab → whatever connection u use to get onto the net → Add → description of service (just put something like DCC1, DCC2, DCC3) etc, name or ip → localhost.

Put whatever port, you have in Mirc in external and internal, and put it on TCP.

ie: If u use port 2077 in Mirc,

It would go

2077 → TCP
2077 → TCP.

Followed your step, but no use. I need to ‘Allow All’ to send a file via mIRC. But no problem for me to accept a file from friend even in "Costom’.

Have you moved the rules you created up, over the default “Block IP in” rule?

yeah same crap its bug in program whitout that firewall dcc works perfect whit it u can set ports open still blocking 59 or 1024, dcc chat not working…i think i’ll change it back to zonelab, anyone know how to rid of this problem whit dcc send…can upload to anywhere if u set rules to allow, but if u set rules for IRC to allow still not working??

If you want CRAP to work like ZoneAlarm, disable Network Monitor and you will get the same level of the protection. Do you think not allowing DCC a bug? There is no difference beween allowing remote attacker to connect your PC and sending DCC file. DCC sends are not initiated by you but by remote computer.

the point is i need those ports to be opend not blocked…i dont need download ports to opened but i need upload port to be openend, dunno how viruse can spread when u uploding something…dcc chat cant be made. so i mean is bug. mirc has own protection from downloads…there is no need that firewall to block something…

Thats the point. When you try to send file with DCC, first the remote party connects to your PC and then file sending is initiated. You dont connect to remote PC first.

When you reeive a file, you first connect to remote party and thats why it works.

You must allow INCOMING requests to your DCC ports. Not outgoing.


Open your ports your client uses for accepting incoming traffic this will help you to understand how to do it. Is a tutorial for emule and bittorent but the logic is the same and can be used for any application. :wink:

still no luck, can accept file but cant send it back.

hehe im fixed and it was really anoying…when u adding rules u cant leave at the bottom all the time at the bottom should be blocking rule, in network control rules.

I think i read in a previous post that you can right click an existing rule, and select insert new above or below.

I think I am going to start using that… then I know it will be inserted where i meant it to be right from the start.

I’m sorry for the bump, but I rather bump a thread rather than create a new thread exactly about a thing that was already discussed.

Anyway, I’m having this DCC problem too, I understood what you guys said but: Many IRC users change their DCC to “randomize ports” from like 1 to 50000, so it randomly picks a port for DCC. When I had Sygate, it was enough to add mIRC to the Allow list and it accepted through any port from 1 till 50000.

Now what I’d like to know is: What can I do to still be able to accept/recieve through any random port from 1 to 50000 without being at a risk of getting hacked? How could Sygate do that?

Don’t use randomize ports = uPnP feature. It can be a great security hole for your system. Follow this guide https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1414.0.html and you will have no problem on receiving and trasmiting data through DC++ or IRC servers

Uh, I have no idea what pots mIRC uses for DCC

…since they are random and there is no ‘default port’ for it? O_o

Which “client” do you use?

mIRC 6.17

Is it the original or a mod of mirc? Give me a link so I’ll give it a try and post later.


6.2, I’ll get it too. :open_mouth:

I really appreciate it, I was getting quite annoyed because of Sygate’s death and the fact that there are practically very few decent firewalls. I hope I get Comodo to work as good as Sygate worked.

-EDIT: I just tried to DCC some guy and I succeeded! I still hadn’t tried to recieve a file though.

Now that I allowed port 6669 UDP & TCP, isn’t it as bad as allowing all random ports? What’s the difference if I have one open ports or 50k open ports, hackers can still get in. My knowledge is limited, enlighten me if I’m wrong. :wink:

-EDIT#2: I just managed to recieve DCC from two different users. Woo. It works, though I’m still lost. :<

I made a tutorial for you BullHorn. Hope ti helps (:WIN)