Unable to create directory during install/reinsatll

I got a notation that there was a problem with CI\SF Firewal. I got diagnosed 'xml file which I cannot read with Libre Office. There I was finally able to uninstall and after the several attempts to reinstall and having to check administative access (I hate Win 7) I got a message that it is unable to create the directory c:\ProgramData\Microsoft…Programs\COMODO.

What now?

Can you delete that folder in Safe Mode and regular mode of Windows? If you can delete it can you install successfully after that?

I deleted the folder (COMODO) but I still get the message with "Log on administrator…

I am administrator.

Can you post a screenshot with that Log on administrator message?

Screenshot attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is the CIS installer the only installer that has this problem?

May be there is a problem with the ownership of the folder. In that case you need to do a take ownership procedure.

I did that.

Was the take ownership procedure successful and could you install?