Unable to connect to particular website only

Hello there,

I am posting here because for some reason my browsers (firefox and IE) is unable to connect to www.vistaprint.com only. I peruse through the various other posts with similar issues and tried out several of the suggestions to no avail. I tried to remove and then add the application rules for firefox and IE under “Network Security Policy” but it did not work. I also tried removing and disable CIS then use Windows firewall (along with remove and adding the application rules under windows firewall) and nothing works.

It seems that I could access other sites fine and I am able to access the vistaprint.com site on a different computer with no problems.

Please help.
I also attached a screenshot of the the browser “unable to connect”

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If you still can’t connect when Comodo firewall is disabled then the issue is not related to Comodo firewall. You may want to check your hosts file, just in case there is an entry for that site.

Hope this helps


Hi bulgroz,

Thank you so much for your reply.
I checked the host file as you suggested by opening it with notepad and located the following files related to my issues: www.vistaprint.com vistaprint.com

These are listed by my Spybot Search and Destroy program. Now that I found those files what do I do next given I have never done this before. Do I just delete those entries under the host file and re-save it without those entries or do I have to go somewhere in Spybot S & D.

I will await your reply. Thanks in advance.

When you think you can trust the site you can remove these entries from the Hosts file. www.vistapring and vistaprint may be two different sites. Make sure to check after removing them from the Hosts file.

To be able to change the Hosts file you need to remove the Read Only from the hosts file properties (right click on the hosts file → Properties)before opening it. Don’t forget to set the read only back after the changes.

Hello ErciJH,

Thank you for the advice. I did as you suggested and then I checked the host files in Spybot S&D and removed the files. It works fine now.
The sites are legit since I ordered stuff from them before. I still do not know how it got on the block list.

You guys are providing a valuable service. (:CLP)