Unable to Connect to Internet

Fresh installation of Comodo ‘Internet Security Premium’ on new XP installation.
Am able to connect to Google etc, but new Comodo is unable to connect to the internet (for updates etc.).

What is the message that you are getting from Comodo when updating? What update are you talking about? For the AV or the program?

Can your reach all sites on the web? Try reaching www.nu.nl a well known Dutch news site.

Same case here.

I installed CIS for my brother. The Browsers and Chat programs are all able to connect to net.

But, CIS says ‘check your internet connection and try again’ when I click on update databases.

I believe that CIS uses Internet Options (Control Panel/Internet Explorer) for its own connections (updates, etc.) to the Internet. Check the Connections tab under Internet Options.

I have already checked them. Even Firefox and Google Talk use the same settings, unless modified.