Unable to connect to internet/network after PC wake-up

Hi everyone!

Have been using COMODO for a while now & like it…Only issue I have is I keep having the same issue. It went away after a long while, but has returned since the upgrade to 4.1

Here is the issue: After the PC has been ‘asleep’ or Hibernating for a while, it is unable to get back onto the network. The PC wakes and the bottom 2 rows of desktop icons are spaced as though there is an invisible row of icons between them and the row above. There is no inet connection during this time and both MSN Messenger icon and the network connection icon show red 'X’s. Then they both show connected and the desktop icons resume their normal position. Then the network icon shows ! and indicates local network only. I need to right click on the network icon, select diagnose & repair and it will invariably give me a few choices. I select reset network adapter and it resolves the problem.

Like I said, this must be done each time the PC is awakened. OS is VISTA Ultimate x64. Connection is WIRED to a wireless router. None of the other PCs on the network have COMODO or this problem. What do I need to set to eliminate this?

Thanks in advance for all the help!!

Can you show a screenshot of the Firewall logs? They are under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.