Unable to connect to a specific website - response of "webiste disable"

In the past 6-8 weeks or longer; probably as far back as early April '13, I have been unable to access the website “www.screenlets.org” ( I have tried two different browsers … IE8 and Firefox … and two different OSs … Windows XP Home w/SP3 and Linux Ubuntu 12.04. Every time I attempt to access this website I get the response of “website disable”. I have also used various other websites to check this URL/DNS/IP and all respond with “it just me that the site appears to be up”. I have already contacted by ISP. So far, to date, nothing has been corrected. I honestly suspect that either my ISP or the service that provides service to my ISP may be blocking this website. I am pretty sure that my copy of CIS (Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) v6.2.282782.2847 is not the problem. I can access all websites thus far except to this one; no matter which browser or OS I use. I have also been able to use “ping” and “tracert” successfully as far as I know. Can anyone give me any ideas and possible solutions as to possible the problem may be? Thanks.

Hi Iwanaknow,
Probably doesn’t help enter the site, but it comes up ‘Website Disable’ here as well.

According to Wikipedia’s external links their home page is down.
The archive link and Forum both are up.
Wikipedia Screenlets

According to downforeveryoneorjustme the site is still active, this could be misleading to some users.

Kind regards.

I get the same message here in the western U.S., so it’s not just you.

I believe the reason that Pings/etc… show that the website is up, is because it is up. It’s showing you the message: website disable.

That is a good enough reason. :slight_smile:

First, thanks for the responses. Sorry for not responding sooner. I’ve been away from the computer. As least now I know I am not the only one. Does anyone possibly have the contact data for www.screenlets.org so that I may contact someone, if not just the webmaster for the site, and inquire about whether or not the site is up; just what the status is.

I don’t know any contact information. I had never even heard of the site until you asked about it.

The Wikipedia link that Captainsticks provided has a link to a snapshot of the page when it was up. Perhaps you can find contact data on the snapshot.

When accessing www.screenlets.org from the Netherlands I also get the website disable message while using my ISP’s DNS servers.

When using the IP address I get to see a web site for Medical Health Solutions.

I am inclined to think the web site is down or gone and that the IP is going to be used by another web site.

Thanks again to the last two replies. :wink:

I guess this helps re-enforce my conclusions that the problem is not me. And, it appears that it is not the fault of my ISP as well. I will be doing some more checking … to see if I can find someone who is “in charge” of “screenlets.org”.

I am going to keep my subscription to this thread for a while longer.

Again, thanks.