Unable to collect my Free Digital Email Certificate

I followed the instructions I received in the email on how to collect my Free Digital Email Certificate… went to the web site and inserted my e-mail address and the provided password… Each time I try this, an alert would pop up telling me that my certificate has been installed, and advising me to safe keep it. I searched my entire computer for the certificate and could find nothing, beside the fact that the web site doesn’t show me an option to download the certificate.
I searched the forums for an answer and it seems that I have to ask you to revoke my issued Free Digital Email Certificate. If this is the case, please tell me how to revoke my Free Digital Email Certificate, especially since I have to ask you to revoke it through my personal e-mail, and when I did that, I received a reply from the system telling me to register and send e-mail through the Comodo account. And to make things even more interesting, when I tried sending the e-mail from this “Comodo” account, it couldn’t find the “secureemail[at]comodogroup.com” as a member… and when I tried to send Comodo a ticket it asked for an order number, which I never had… and so on. could it be more complicated to ask for support, I wonder!

I use Windows XP Sp3, and outlook 2007

Please advise,
Thank you

This following comment added on 13.10.2009>> I have found my certificate in
START >>> RUN >>> CERTMGR.MSC >>> Certificate Enrollment Request >>> Certificates.

It has a red X over it. And this is what it says about it in the certificate information: The integrity of this certificate cannot be guaranteed. The certificate may be corrupted or may have been altered.

Why is this happening happening?

Hi waleeddag,

We are looking into this issue now.
To resolve it we need some additional information about it.

Have you ordered certificate via Comodo Website or with Comodo SecureEmail Sign-Up wizard?
What browser do you use to collect the certificate (and what have you used to order it if you ordered via Website)?
What version of Comodo SecureEmail do you have installed?

You are talking about the store of ordered certificates. Ordered certificates are not signed with the CA and are invalid before installation.
When you’re receiving Comodo collection e-mail and install certificate via installation page, certificate in this store will be updated with the valid signature of Comodo Certified Authority and will be moved into Personal store.

Regards, Eugene.