unable to check laptop's battery usage

Recently after installing an n-lited version of windows i cant see the battery icon in the systray when the lappy’s on DC power…

In the power options under control panel i get to see a(1st pic) instead of (2nd pic)

Any idea how i can undo what i’ve undone… preferably which doesnt involve me nliting again or reinstalling win xp…?

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Hi Saurav_3FR

I think what you’re after (battery icon on taskbar) is on the Advanced tab of the Power Options Properties. I don’t have a laptop currently, but I believe that you get the first screen shot (with UPS) when you’re plugged into the mains & the second screen shot (with Alarms & Power Meter) when you’re running on battery.


normally i used to get the 2nd always, be it battery or mains, i seemingly left out on something while n-liting, dunno what exactly that was…

Sorry, I’ve not used nLite myself. But there are moderators & users that have used it extensively. Perhaps, they might know.