unable to change user on HP Compaq [RESOLVED]


I installed Firewall Pro 3.0 on my HP Compaq laptop running Windows XP, and now I’m not able to change the user without logging off by clicking start - log off - switch user. The computer gets stuck on the welcome page and I have to turn it off. Any idea what I should do to solve the problem?




Set Defense+ to training mode, then log off. If you will succeed this time, set Defense+ to working mode (any except “disabled” or “training”) next time you log on. Then try to log off again.


I tried that, but even with training mode on I get stuck on the welcome page when trying to switch users.

Can you log off if Defense+ set to disabled?

If no, can you log off if defense+ deactivated permanently under options, set to “disabled” and computer restarted?

Tried both of those too, but still no improvement.

Ok, i see. Can you uninstall firewall and try again to make sure it works as it should without Comodo? If problem is gone, please refer to this guide to include appropriate information here.



seems to have been a false alarm, as regards the firewall: the problem started after I had installed Comodo firewall and Comodo antivirus, and I assumed the firewall was causing it. However, the problem persisted after I uninstalled the firewall. Then I replaced Comodo AntiVirus with Avast, and now everything works fine.

Thanks / spashiba for your help.

No problem / llo on minun puolellani :slight_smile:

Good to know you solved your problem. Topic will be closed. If issue returns PM any on-line moderator to open.