Unable to boot after install

I am unable to boot up completely after installing the Firewall. I get to the desktop and it just hangs . The tray icons never load, Task manager fails to launch, cannot access the Start menu or any programs, luckily I have a reset switch, unfortunately you can’t uninstall in safe mode (which is what I am currently using). HELP!
P4 2.4 ghz, 1024 MB, XP SP2, D-Link AirPlus DWL-G520 (b)


Did you / do you have another firewall installed? This could have caused conflict?

I believe you can disable CPF from starting up in safe mode by going to start>>run>>type ‘msconfig’ (without quotes)>>go to the ‘startup’ tab>>uncheck ‘CLPTray’ and ‘CPF’>>try to load normally


Yes make sure you dont have any other firewall installed. What other security software do you have?

To uninstall CPF manually, start in safe mode and run “fwconfig -unistall” from the command line after CD ing to CPF installation directory.


I was able to uninstall Comodo in safe mode but I cannot get rid of it completely. (:AGY) I have searched for and deleted all files and registry entries realted to Comodo but it still shows up in the Windows Security Monitor. Did it change Windows system files so that the Windows SP2 firewall is now seen as Comodo?
If I turn off Windows Firewall, the Security Center monitor says Comodo Firewall is disabled.