unable to block Adobe Reader 8 from updating

Hi I block the Adobe Reader 8 updater to test if the program will successfully block it from upgrading some of it’s components. Unfortunately, the updater continue and install the new updates despite having comodo firewall blocking it. How can I be assured that those application that I blocked is actually working now that I test with adobe reader updater and the block failed?

Normally, the servers of updates are the same ones of downloads.

ardownload.adobe.com ( => port 80
NetRange: - (Wow, Akamai Technologies)

adobe.com ( => port 80
NetRange: -

But normally, the door of update of the majority of the softwares is the 443.

Did you uncheck the certfified applications? (Security/Advanced/Configure/Do not show alerts for applications certified by COMODO). If that does not help then you have found a major flaw…