Unable to backup to a CD-RW [split] RESOLVED

I’m unable to backup to a CD-RW. No problems setting up the parameters for the backup. If I choose to backup to a local drive, everything works perfectly. It’s just the CD-RW destination that creates the problem. I’ve attached a log file created yesterday showing what happens. I did download 2.0.2 this afternoon, however,the same log results appear. The interesting part of the log is the last statement “Importing previous sessions, if any…”. This a statement that is NOT included in the log sequence when saving to my local hard drive. I hope this may be a clue as to what the problem may be.

I’m running XP Home (Service Pack 2), Comodo Firewall Pro, BOClean 4.25, Comodo Memory Guard, Avast 4.7 Anti virus.

Aug 8th.
I thought I was going to have to resign myself to have to manually copy my backup from the hard drive to the CD-RW. However, after looking at the “Destination” drop down under “Local disk, network disk…”, I noticed that my CD-RW was listed, and of course so are any attached USB connections. So I chose by CD-RW (Drive D:), and the backup went perfectly. I then attempted the backup to a USB “Stick” and it also worked correctly.

That being the case, why is there a choice under “Destination” for a “CD-RW,DVD-RW Drive” in the first place? It appears that this choice is not needed.


Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi, welcome to the forum! I did a topic split so the chance of anyone seeing your post, and helping you out, is bigger. Personally I can’t help you because I don’t use this program, sorry about that.


Can you check CmdBackUp.log for the following statement “No session to Import or could not import previous sessions”, that goes just after “Importing previous sessions, if any…”?
If you see such statement this means that you write on clear media. In opposite case your media has previously created sessions. If privious sessions were created with other burning software this could raise the problem.
Try to backup on clear media and post the result from CmdBackUp.log since “Importing previous sessions…” statement.

The distinction is needed because Comodo Backup can write a backup to CD-R as a session as well as writing to CD-RW as a set of files.

CD-RW devices, by means of their packet writing driver (UDF) can be accessed and written to as you would to any other directly writeable device. CD-R, on the other hand, cannot be directly written to - i.e. you can’t save a file to a CD-R from within Word (for example).

This can be verified by putting a CD-R blank media in your burner and trying to do a backup referencing the burner by its drive letter. This method should fail. If you modify the destination of this test backup job to the CD-RW device, it should succeed.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. IMHO, CD-R are not only cheaper, but more reliable than CD-RW and more transportable, as they can be read on any PC, whereas CD-RW written disks can only be read on PCs that have UDF reading software installed (assuming you didn’t close the CD-RW disk when it was written to).

When I try to make a backup from the hard drive to a DVD+RW already formated with InCD, the files are not written using the InCD UDF format and I can’t add or delete files from the DVD+RW.

When you are using RW media and you have UDF packet writing drivers installed, you shuold ensure that the destination of the backup is the DRIVE LETTER ASSIGNED TO THE RW DEVICE. This should force the data to be written by the UDF driver.

Ewen :slight_smile: