Unable to backup my files because is "Not enough memory available"

I was trying to backup my files with the Backup Wizard,
but the wizard was unable to do the backup because:

“Not enough memory available”

I never haved this problem before, the destination
external disk for the backup has enough space available
to make the backup.

I was looking for a thread with the similar subject but i
didn´t find something relative to my problem.

Thank You


We are investigating this issue. It will be fixed in the future releases of COMODO BackUp.

Thank you for your support!

I’m getting this too after making a large backup (~360gb uncompressed) to a network NAS. In the logs, I see the following:

[20.02.2013 17:08:07:366|001136|000013fc|__internCBUWriteLog] CBUWriteLog: 20.02.2013 17:08:07 Comparing incremental information...
[20.02.2013 17:08:22:077|001136|000013fc|__internCBUWriteLog] CBUWriteLog: 20.02.2013 17:08:22 Reading parent backup tree properties...
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:419|028674|000013fc|__internReadBackupArchiveChunkAtFileOffset] Can't allocate archive chunk
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:419|028833|000013fc|ReadBackupAtSpecificOffset] Can't read archive chunk because 3
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:419|001136|000013fc|__internCBUWriteLog] CBUWriteLog: 20.02.2013 17:08:23 A low read occurred while reading information to backup.
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:419|014280|000013fc|DeserializeBackupTreeProperties] core_memory_reallocate_vector failed with code 3
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:419|013703|000013fc|NewSerializeFileSystemBackupSource] Can't read tree properties because 3
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:419|001136|000013fc|__internCBUWriteLog] CBUWriteLog: 20.02.2013 17:08:23 Unable to read tree properties! Cannot continue.
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:949|001136|000013fc|__internCBUWriteLog] CBUWriteLog: 20.02.2013 17:08:23 Error Occurred
[20.02.2013 17:08:23:949|013595|000013fc|_BACKUP_CREATE::StartBackup] Native jobs file names could not be reverted because 67 !
[20.02.2013 17:08:24:059|013914|000013fc|_BACKUP_CREATE::StartBackup] Backup process failed because 3
[20.02.2013 17:08:24:059|001136|000013fc|__internCBUWriteLog] CBUWriteLog: 20.02.2013 17:08:24 Backup failed with code 3 (Not enough memory).

I’m on Windows 7 64-bit with Comodo Backup It looks like I can restore and verify the backup perfectly fine (though I do see these memory errors crop up in the logs when I open the backup for restore too…), but I can’t create an incremental backup either based on this one, or appending to this one, same error either way.

I’ve attached the logs.

What’s going on? Without incremental backups to the NAS, I’m pretty much dead in the water.

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