Unable to backup all files from Network HDD to Local HDD


I am trying to backup a whole drive of files on the network to my Local HDD. The network drive Have been mapped and i have chosen the whole drive to be backed up on to a folder in my local drive. I left the other options as default and chose simple copy.

My computer is running XP Pro SP2 and all drives are NTFS. My network drive uses SMB to transfer files and it formats the network HDD as FAT32.

After running the backup (after it displaying successful), it seems that some folders and files were left out from the backup. I deleted the folder on my local drive and did the above process again and the same thing happened. It missed out the same files. I tested it out on another computer and yielded the same results ( although the files and folders missing were different)

Copying from local drive to network drive was a 100% successful. Is there any special settings to do a copy from network to local drive?

Please advice.

Thank you!

Hi cavey,

            Hope u r having an great day, Well the comodo backup is not having an option to backup from the network drive to the local drive, Instead u could make use of the same in viceversa. Comodo are the great people, who sweat out a lot for their free products. They will surely come out with a solution for your problem quickly. (CLY)

SMB as in SAMBA? Are the files in use during the backup?