unable to add groups to blocked files?

It is no longer possible to add groups in the file blocking feature?

Seems like it, might be worth making a bug report just in case.

That feature was removed a/o v6.3 so I dunno 'bout “bug”.

The implementation of file group-blocking was to prevent drive by-downloads of all executables and archive files in the Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE folder. When some download was necessary, file-blocking was removed for the appropriate file. I never used the sandbox for that; it was always problematic w/ IE. However, IE8 obsolescence at various inter-websites necessitated implementation of different browser technology. I’ve settled on Comodo Ice Dragon.

I was intrigued by the virtualization technology inherent in CIS, so I decided to give CID sandboxing a whirl. After getting my brain around the different cache folders that FF based CID utilizes, I’m perplexed whether drive by-downloads risk is fully mitigated, or not.

In theory, if a hypothecal nuke pops up out of the toilette while I’m virtually sitting on it, I just have to restore the virtual house (and not rebuild the whole stinkin’ actual city), right? The way I was doing it before - blocking executable and archive files in the Temp Internet Files folder - is akin to blocking nukes from entering the incoming pipes out at the street.

It would seem - if sandboxing is bullet-proof - I just wasn’t holding my mouth right before, eh?