unable to activate

How long does it take for the activation code to be sent, mine still has not come after nearly 24 hrs


Should take only a few minutes, please re submit your e-mail and name and see if you get one this time.

P.S. If you use Hotmail then you may wish to check your junk folder.

I had to re-format my p.c.,still waiting for activation for firewall,i use hotmail and nothing in my junk folder,i also use mail.com and nothing in there either. (:SAD)

go ahead and apply again.


thanks for the help, i activated using my blueyonder account, i have had trouble using my hotmail and merseymail accounts registering products b4

The code i got through was for anti virus not the firewall,hmmm (:SAD)

I received my activation code for the firewall, but every time I try to activate it I get the error code2146697211. It tells me to notify product support.

Please Help Me


Hi BaldMan (no offense),

Please go ahead and re-apply for an activation code.

I received the same message

code2146697211 contact support

I’ve ordered 5 times and not even one activation number was accepted =/

Please help

Hi Elmdor and welcome to the forum! This is a common issue but let me go over some basics. First, make sure you are not using the ORDER NUMBER which is a shorter number. The ACTIVATION number will be longer, about as long as the code you posted. If you use Hotmail, make sure the activation code, which is sent separately, isn’t going to junk folder. The team is working on this and not sure why the activation codes are doing this. Then due to the junk folder, many users try to use the order number and get an error as well. How do you mean you ordered 5 times? Do you mean downloaded? Please check all this and let me know, one more thing, if you paste the code, make sure you erase the last number and enter it by hand, I had to do this a few times as well. Let me know. :wink:


I have same problem no activation code .

Did you read my suggestion above? If you did, you can contact support http://support.comodo.com/
and ask for a code. Did you try a different e-mail? IF you have done all this, post back to me.


Thanks comicfan that was exactly the problem :wink:

Glad to hear! (:CLP)
Take care,