Unable to activate [RESOLVED]

I’ve just installed CPF, and I’m having a problem activating it.
I’ve entered the activation code I’ve received via e-mail, and the activation window said “Please wait… Your License is being activated. It may take a few minutes”. And now, a few hours and several re-starts later, it still says the same thing. Help?

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Can you try putting CPF security level to ‘allow all’ then try again. Don’t forget to change it back to custom.

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Thanks, I have tried that already. Before posting this topic I’ve been searching this forum for people with similar problem, and couldn’t find anything that would work for me. I don’t have another firewall software installed (including winXP firewall, which is switched off), I am behind a router but it is configured in the CPF as “trusted zone”, and everything else works just fine, etc… ???

The CPF 2.3 may solve this as it had some code changes to the activation part. You can try the beta of this or wait until it’s released as a stable on thursday 31st August.


I will take a quick shot at this, make sure your install file, Comodo.exe (version?) is on the same partition as your OS, eg…C: Windows, otherwise you will get this. Also, in Windows firewall, make sure you go to advanced and make sure the LAN button is UNCHECKED or by default , Windows will still monitor this and simply shutting it off will do no good. Then uninstall Comodo, reinstall once again making sure Comodo.exe installer file is on same partition as your OS, not on extended or other primary. Then reboot, install Comodo again, use orignal activation code, not the order number! Some get confused and use the first e-mail number, it’s short and not an activation code, use the second e-mail, longer code.



OK, then I’ll wait for the 2.3 to come out. Thank you, both of you.

You’re welcome. Hope it solves your issue.


I’ve just installed 2.3 beta and it works, so I guess I won’t be having any problems with the full version, either. Thanks, again.

Your welcome, and that’s great news. :wink:


I believe this topic can be marked Resolved. :slight_smile:

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Done :wink: I missd it in my excitement for the new CPF ;D