unable to acquire internet access with comodo secure dns

Win7 x64
on a university network

when i set up my internet connection to use comodo dns as opposed to automatically acquire a dns i loose my internet connection.

i have set up my computer to use comodo dns on my home network and it works fine till i come to the university.
are they blocking me from using 3rd party dns servers and if they are is there a way for me to anyway? or am i supposed to do something special that i’m not aware of.

i had the same problem at my college. idk if there is a way around it so i just change my dns by to automatic

that’s what i was doing but i got worried when i heard this stuff about paxfire, i do most of my searches with google ssl anyway. But it would have made me feel better. and besides i like the idea of comodo being my dns since their a security company and i trust them.

See if disabling Block Fragmented IP Datagrams helps here.

no it didn’t change anything